A Christmas Hidden Gem In New York City: Dyker Heights

A Christmas Hidden Gem In New York City: Dyker Heights

We can proudly say that New York at Christmas is magical...and unique!
The city is transformed to celebrate the Christmas Holidays and spirit, and every year there are new and enchanting spots to see.

This time, however, we bring you a neighborhood in the city that has become almost a symbol of Christmas in New York City: Dyker Heights.

Dyker Height is located on the outskirts of Brooklyn, about a 10-minute bus ride (the B64 to be precise) from the Coney Island Subway stop, and is a very affluent neighborhood indeed, with beautiful townhouses and luxurious sports cars.

















At Christmas, everyone in the neighborhood decorates their beautiful villas with exaggerated lights and decorations making this area a favorite spot for tourists and "instagrammers" for their Christmas photos.

Did you know that real Tours are organized to see the lights and decorations of Dyker Heights?


How did the tradition of lights in Dyker Heights come about?

The first people to start the tradition (or challenge) of lights in Dyker Heights were...2 Italian families!

The two families were the Spata Family and the Polizzotto Family, and these characteristic exaggerated decorations were a way to remember and honor a bereavement in the family (the mother, in Spata's case, the Christmas light's expert husband, in Polizzotto's case).

The tradition soon won over even neighbors, neighbors of neighbors, and neighbors of neighbors of neighbors, and there goes the challenge.

It must be said that Spata's house, is definitely, to this day, the most exaggerated, decorated and photographed.
You will recognize the house by the Italian flag of lights, the life-size toy soldiers and the banner that still reads, "In memory of Angelo Spata"

Add this destination to your bucket list of things to do while visiting NYC around Christmas! 


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