Knowing some important air travel safety facts helps us appreciate the practical protection of the Safe Travels Kit. All travelers are concerned about staying healthy while flying. Our patent-pending, antimicrobial, hypoallergenic seat covers and pillowcases are washable and reusable. The super-soft seat cover adjusts to fit coach or business-class seats, and it also fits on trains and in cars. Our seat covers and pillowcases have also demonstrated resistance to bedbugs. (Those little pests can travel onto planes with passengers who unwittingly picked them up in a hotel or rental!)

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We’re all concerned about the environmental impact of air travel. Safe Travels has partnered with Team Trees to ensure that for every kit purchased, a tree will be planted.

2-10 Million

The average number of germs a human carries on their fingertips and elbows at any given moment.
Source: NSF


The number flyers are more likely to catch the common cold on flight than they are on the ground.
Source: TIME

35.5 Million

The approximate number of peoples infected during the 2018-19 flu season.
Source: CDC


  • Aircrafts normally only receive a comprehensive cleaning after many flights according to one study.
  • Bed Bugs can be transported aboard through garments and carry-on luggage, and many airlines have reported infestations on flights in recent years.
  • Many assume that bathrooms are the dirtiest places on board, when in fact, Travel Math says that award goes to tray tables positioned in front of each passenger.