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Air Travel Kit Essentials

When you set off on a vacation or business trip, you know you’ll be encountering seats and pillows that many other people have used. The last thing you need is anxiety about picking up germs or even bedbugs. Now you can travel in comfort and serenity, resting on the Safe Travels Kit super-soft seat covers and pillowcases, made from high-tech fabric that prevents germs from penetrating.

Air travel kit essentials in the Safe Travels Kit include a plane seat cover (that also works in trains and in cars) and a pillowcase, plus sanitizing wipes and a face mask. The patent-pending, washable, hypoallergenic seat cover and pillowcase are washable and reusable up to 40 launderings. They’re packed in an attractive and convenient travel pouch that can hang from the handle of your rollaboard bag and removes easily so you can keep it handy after you stow your bag. When you pack for your next trip, don’t forget your Safe Travels air travel kit essentials.

Conscious of the environmental impact of air travel, Safe Travels partners with Team Trees; for every Safe Travels Kit purchased, we’ll make sure a carbon-absorbing tree is planted.



And like a luxury accessory, every STK seat cover and pillow case can be personalized with monogram stitching.

Personalization is ideal for families as each member can have their own STK with initials. This is optimal if children have a particular allergy and parents can easily differentiate kits.

Safe Travels' mission of being conscious of the environment is at the forefront of our brand, as our product caters to the travel industry, and to air travel more specifically. For this reason, we have chosen to partner with Team Trees @teamtrees. A tree will be planted for every kit purchased by you in an effort to compensate for the inevitable carbon emission by aircraft. What's more, all our packaging is recycled: from poly bag to tissue paper, to sticker to note card, bringing our mission of being environmentally conscious full circle.

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