Upgrade your travel experience: tips for long haul flights!

Upgrade your travel experience: tips for long haul flights!

Hello Travelers! Are you a jet-setter traveling around the world for pleasure or business? Or are you planning your next family, couple or solo trip?

Well, our team is thrilled to share with you some valuable tips to enjoy your long-haul trip to make your next flight more peaceful and enjoyable. 

Let's start by saying that the perfect flight does not exist but, there are small steps you can follow to improve your travel experience, from planning details and booking cabs to hotel arrival.

Are you ready to find out more? 


If you are planning a long-haul trip consider flights that will take you to your destination in the morning.

Always try to consider an upgrade so you can sleep comfortably during the trip.

Also check dates and available seats: at certain times of the year planes are less crowded and fewer people means more space, less confusing chances to rest during the flight.

Otherwise consider a long layover that allows you to rest, perhaps in a city with good connections and hotels nearby.


It's time to lock in your flight!

Really effective tricks to find affordable prices are not there but you can use the best price comparators such as Skyscanner or Expedia.

Check on airline sites if there are also discount codes and finally also talk to a travel agent who might give you an even cheaper price.

Meanwhile, on  find out which is the best seat on your aircraft. Many people like to book a seat in the center aisle toward the end of the plane: the seats next to you will be the last to be filled and you will have a chance to have one or two vacant seats next to you.




For long-haul travel, use comfortable clothes and take with you your own amenity kit: earplugs, eye-mask, moisturiser, hand cream, and facial spray to hydrate your skin.

Turn your seat into a comfortable bed, using Safe Travels Kit, the first travel sheet set that upgrades your seat!
This airline linen set includes a universal seat cover and pillowcase made of a luxurious, innovative material that is antibacterial, hypoallergenic ultra soft and, helps prevent the spread of bed-bugs.

No need to wash your sheet because our fabric is NON GERM BINDING, designed to handle multiple trips



Find the right balance so that you arrive at the airport on time, take your time checking in and going through security but at the same time don't spend too many hours at the gate. 

Be sure to check weather, traffic, public transportation or cab costs for both the outbound and inbound airport.

Plan everything as best you can, you will be facing a long trip and it is best not to stress unnecessarily about information that can be found in advance.



Prepare your passport now for landing checks and any other documents such as visas.

Then retrieve your luggage on the baggage carousel  and before leaving the airport, check your suitcase for damage.In fact, in this case, you will have to go to the baggage desk for a claim.

Remember that once you leave the airport, you cannot claim any compensation for damaged luggage.


A big problem many face that you can reduced!

Get a good night's sleep before your flight, keep hydrated and don't drink alcohol.

Avoid taking naps, if you arrive in the morning, the sun will help you adjust your "biological clock".

Also organize your entire day well, looking for distractions so that drowsiness does not win over.

 We hope you found these tips helpful and as always, Safe Travels!  


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